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Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding. We are very pleased that you are considering getting married in our church - or a location of your choice. Anglican Church priests are able to perform ceremonies at a location of your choice.

Who to advise?
Call the church at 250-247-8633 and leave a message and/or send an e-mail to the Church Office so we can set up a personal or phone meeting.

First steps.
You will be required to meet with the priest as far ahead of the wedding as possible to confirm his/her availability and then to confirm the availability of the church.

The priest will gather the basic information from you for the marriage registry, which is much the same information that you will need when you obtain your marriage license. They are: your full legal names, present address, parents’ legal names, and where they were born.

Our community is broad and accepting. The Anglican Church marries:

  • previously-divorced people
  • couples of different religions

We believe God intends loving relationships to be faithful, responsible, just, healing and sustaining of the couple and those around them.

Planning the Service.
You will be invited to have a lot of input into the actual service.

Be Prepared.
In respect of the sanctity of the wedding ceremony, photographs can only be taken when music is playing: at the beginning and end of the ceremony and during the signing of the registry.

A digital recording camera may be set up in the church prior to the service and the person recording the service is required to remain in one location.

Please advise your guests that confetti is not permitted.

No one in the wedding party can have been abusing alcohol or drugs on the day of the wedding before the service, or by law, the priest will not be allowed to continue with the service.

There is no charge to St Martin of Tours members or adherents for the priest or the use of the church, hall and kitchen. However, families often make a donation to the church.

Priest. Please discuss this with the priest. Fees vary depending on the elements you wish to incorporate into the service.

Bringing Your Own Priest. This is very unusual, but under certain circumstances the priest of the church may approve another clergy to either help or officiate the service for you.

Musician. The church can put you in contact with a number of local musicians with whom you can discuss a fee. You may have your own friends and family members provide the music, but please consult with the priest regarding music selections.

Flowers. You will need to arrange to have flowers delivered either at a rehearsal the night before or on the morning of the service.

Decorations. You will need to supply any decorations you may want in the sanctuary. You are asked not to use tape to secure pew bows or flowers. Ribbons or elastics work well for this purpose.

   May the blessing of the One who brought you together in love
Walk every step with you into this new relationship
Into which you are heading

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